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Engagement can be defined as the involvement in labor relations and organizational culture, which is identified with the voluntary effort of the workers of a company or members of an organization. An engaged worker is a person who is totally involved in his work and enthusiastic about him. When he has the opportunity, he acts in a way that goes beyond the demands made by his organization. Can you imagine having your followers engaged? This is an example of the importance of engagement, not only on the internet, also in real life.

Recently we talked in our first article about having presence in Instagram, today we talk about the engagement applied to this social network. The key is in the commitment, think: Why do people commit? Because they receive what they demand. Therefore, engagement causes the public follows a specific brand because it knows that it will satisfy their needs.

That’s what you have to get for your brand. The question is obvious: How do I get that commitment? You must know your audience perfectly. The engagement allows you to connect with the people most interested in your brand, think that they are your future customers, what would you like as a customer? For example, if your business is a beach restaurant, you should know what kind of fish is the most tasty for your customers, even if you hate it!

Do you offer your followers what they really want? Or do you offer information? The engagement helps you to know how your business is positioned and if it is visible to the customer you want. If you need more information about engagement please contact us and we will make you a proposal.