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Nowadays, we believe that no one doubts the importance of having a presence in social networks, not only for business or to promote yourself; there is a rejection more and more widespread to people who don’t have an Instagram profile, Facebook account, Twitter … since today, we are what we share.

Of course, for our part, there is no such rejection and we will respect any opinion, but this would not be social marketing without the presentation of our newscast, which borns today presenting the advantages of a social network: to have presence on Instagram.

To have presence on Instagram is to be able to tell the world through images as you feeling in that moment, what you want to tell or what you want to share with your followers. But there are a lot of advantages about this social network. Instagram means finding followers that can fit into your niche or specific profile. For us, it is very important to focus on the target of our desired audience (target audience) in order to establish the bases for capturing active followers.

In this way it is much easier to have presence on Instagram, since we are exclusively targeting the customer you want to have in your online store, that user who enjoys browsing through your website because he loves what you share. To do so, focus exclusively on followers of your niche market, meet your future client. Soon he will visit your profile and will enjoy with your stories.